Our History



The Redeemed Christian Church of God in Bayelsa, started with the establishment of the RCCG, Glorious Throne Parish on the 22nd of December, 1992. The Parish was planted during the Lets-Go-A-Fishing programme of that Year organized by Pastor Tete Benson Eyemeighanwei from RCCG, Diobu Area and some workers from the Provincial Headquarters, Port-Harcourt. Yenagoa was then a Local Government Headquarters in the old Rivers state. Pastor Tete Benson Eyemeighanwei who coincidentally is the current National Elder in-charge of Bayelsa Region-27 embarked on the historic church planting venture in company of Pastor James Amona (his Assistant) and Pastor John Nwaneyi from then Provincial Headquarters.

Pastor Hardy Theophilus became the first Parish Pastor of the Glorious Throne Parish that was established. In 1993, Pastor Ralph Dada who was then Territorial Manager of NITEL in Yenagoa became the Area Coordinator of the RCCG, Yenagoa Area. Unfortunately, Pastor Dada died here in Yenagoa. Pastor Hope Bamisaye took over as Area Pastor in 1993. After his transfer, Pastor Ademola Adeotoki took over as Area Pastor. To the glory of God, the church grew rapidly under Pastor Adeotoki because he planted several Parishes. The first Area, RCCG Throne of Grace Area, Obunagha was created out of the parent Yenagoa Area under the regime of Pastor Adeotoki and Pastor Raphael Adetuyi was posted  as the first Area Pastor of Throne of Grace Area, Obunagha. He was a prayer warrior and he took prayers to a new dimension which made the church to grow during his time.

By the time Pastor Ademola Adeotoki was transferred and with the creation of Bayelsa state in 1996, two Zones were created in Bayelsa State. Pastor Dayo Ilemobayo and Pastor David Omunagbe emerged as the two Zonal Pastors. The two zones were later merged into one zone where Pastor Davide Omunagbe became the Zonal Pastor of Bayelsa Zone. Pastor Omunagbe with the support of Pastor Charles Adegoke (the then state Pastor of Rivers/Bayelsa state) partnered with the then Governor of Bayelsa State (Chief D.S.P Alamieyeseigha) to create Bayelsa Province.

A courtesy call of the RCCG team on then Governor of Bayelsa state led by Pastor Charles Adegoke (the then state Pastor) and the subsequent fund-raising dinner organized by the state Pastor resulted to the state Government donating 66 plots of land (where Chapel of Praise is situated) and a cash donation of Five Million Naira which the church used to start the Chapel of Praise building. It was at that fund-raising dinner that then Governor demanded unequivocally from the General Overseer that a separate Province be created for Bayelsa State. To the glory of God, in that year’s annual Convention Bayelsa Province was created and Pastor Soji Oni was posted as the first Provincial Pastor with Pastor David Omunagbe as the Assistant Provincial Pastor.

Bayelsa Province was created in September, 2003 and by 2005, Pastor Soji Oni who was the pioneer pastor was transferred back to Port-Harcourt. Meanwhile, Pastor Richard Adeboye succeeded him as Provincial Pastor with Pastor Tony Ukagwu as the Assistant Provincial Pastor. Pastor Remmy Hassan served during the administration of Pastor Soji Oni as Resident Pastor of Chapel of Praise, while Pastor Peter Akpe was Resident Pastor of Chapel of Praise under Pastor Richard Adeboye. Chapel of Praise building was dedicated to the glory of God on the 26th of January, 2007 under Pastor Richard Adeboye.

By 2009, Pastor Belemina Obunge became the Pastor in-charge of Bayelsa Province and after serving for one year, he was promoted to the position of Regional Pastor of Region5. Pastor Amos Adesina Tugbobo took over from Pastor Belemina Obunge in 2010 and was assisted by Pastor John Muemuifo, they also worked with Pastor Barnabas Ikechukwu as the Church Growth Officer (CGO). The church grew phenomenally under Pastor Tugbobo and many structures were built in the province.

By God’s grace, Bayelsa Province 2 was created in 2012 from Bayelsa Province 1 under Pastor Tugbobo Amos and Pastor Nathaniel Rotimi became the first Provincial pastor of the new Province. Two years later, still under Pastor Amos Tugbobo, Bayelsa Province 3 was created from Bayelsa Province 1 in 2014 and Pastor John Muemuifo as Pastor in-charge of Province to pioneer the new Bayelsa Province 3.

Pastor Tugbobo was transferred in 2015 and was succeeded by Pastor Olalere Olagboye as Pastor in-charge of Bayelsa Province 1. In August 2017, Bayelsa Province 4 was created from Bayelsa Province 1 during the Annual Conventioon of that year and Pastor Samuel Lanre Odunewu was made the Pastor in-charge of Province. 

To the glory of God and by His grace, during the year 2018 Annual Convention, the General Overseer created the RCCG, Bayelsa Region 27 out of Region 5. Our father in the lord Pastor Kalu K. Ndukwe was posted to as the pioneer Pastor in-charge of the Region. The Region was formally inaugurated on the Sunday 9th of September, 2018 and Bayelsa Province 1 headquarters was relocated to RCCG Higher Ground Captain Ayeni Street Yenizue-epie.

Bayelsa Province 1

  • Provincial Headquarters: RCCG Higher Ground Parish, Captain Ayeni Street Yenizue-Epie Yenagoa, Bayelsa
  • Pastor in-charge of Province: Pastor Olalere Olagboye
  • Pastor in-charge of Province (CSR): Pastor Peter Akpe)